Soil quality analysis

We can perform a laboratory analysis of the soil, which will show the quality of individual soil parameters. You will get a comprehensive and reliable overview of the potential prosperity of sampled area.

Description of the analysis

Do you need a laboratory quality analysis of the soil? Do you want to know everything about the quality of your soil area? Then contact us and we will arrange all analysis for you.

We distinguish 2 basic types of soil analysis:

You will be advised on the assessment either at the landfill or at the Department of the Environment.


Transport and sampling

Soil sampling by our employee costs 600 CZK.

Transport up to 25 km from Prague or České Budějovice is free , over 25 km the price is 12 CZK / km.

The decree specifies that sample extraction must be carried out by an independent accredited person who is not the same as the waste producer. However, some landfills do not require that and you can extract the sample yourself. Consult the corresponding landfill in advance!

Price of analysis

All prices are without VAT.

Tables 10.1 and 10.2 price 13390 Kč

Table 2.1

  • Table 2.1 with TOC, price 2090 Kč
  • Table 2.1 without TOC, price 3090 Kč
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To get your results only three steps are needed

Vyjasnění si zadání

Domluvíme se, k jakému účelu rozbor potřebujete.

Vyjasnění si zadání

Pro deponii, pro skládku, pro vlastní informaci?

Soil sampling

According to the decree, our employee should be the one extracting the sample.

Soil sampling

We recommend to call the landfill in advance and verify what needs to be done.


We will start analysing your samples as soon as we get them.


You will receive the results by email within two weeks, exceptionally within three weeks.